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Ensure your car is in tip-top condition with the help of First Choice Motor Engineers Ltd. Contact our garage in Poole to discuss your needs or to book your vehicle in.



At First Choice Motor Engineers, we are committed to putting motorists' needs first. We are members of the Bosch Car Service network, and have been in business since the 1990s which gives you the confidence in our work.

We are happy to work on any make or model, and specialise in Volvo cars. Take a look at how we can support you, and get in touch for a competitive price on our work.

Fluid Check


Keeping on top of your vehicle's servicing requirements can help to provide a smoother driving experience, and minimise the risk of damage or other issues. For cars with a warranty, it can also help ensure it remains valid. We offer one-off and routine servicing packages designed to help you keep your pride and joy on the road. We use quality fluids and replacement parts to ensure a smooth-running vehicle. 

Whether you know exactly what type of service your car needs, or you've bought a car with an unknown service record, not to worry, we'll be happy to help.


Got an issue that you can't quite put your finger on? Does your car have an intermittent issue? Bring it to us! First Choice Motor Engineers is fully equipped to test and inspect vehicles, including electrical faults, error codes and other issues.​

We'll give your vehicle a thorough check, and come back to you with the exact problem, and provide an effective repair or solution. Our team can test and diagnose:

  • Mechanical and electrical faults

  • Vehicle management error codes

  • Issues with fuel systems, braking, safety equipment or power delivery

  • Intermittent faults

Dashboard check engine light
AC Repair


Keeping cool in the summer is a must for many people on the road. If your air conditioning leaves much to be desired, speak to First Choice Motor Engineers. Our experienced team is fully equipped to take a look at most types of automotive air conditioning system, and have it pumping out crisp, cold air once again.


Modern cars are packed full of electrical components, so it can be a challenge for you to work out what has gone wrong. Our team can take a look at your vehicle, identify the electrical fault, and provide a cost-effective repair solution. 

We can also take a look at your car's battery. If it keeps going flat, is very old, or isn't giving you the power your car needs to run smoothly and reliably, our team can help. We can inspect batteries, and if needed, change them for a perfect replacement.

Car Battery and Jumper Cables
Car Engine


A smooth-running motor can make all the difference to your driving experience. We can take a look at a wide range of issues, including but not limited to:

  • Issues with starting and stalling

  • Poor power delivery

  • Check engine lights

  • Engines in 'limp mode'

  • Unusual noises and feelings when driving

  • Overheating

  • Leaks

We also offer fuel injector testing. Your injectors help to ensure the engine gets the right amount of fuel, and if they are blocked, or letting too much fuel in, it can impact fuel economy, performance, and the reliability of your engine.


Safe brakes and suspension components all help to improve the handling of your vehicle, making it more predictable and safer. From routine inspections and servicing, to repairs and replacement, First Choice Motor Engineers is a name that you can trust.

We can inspect brakes to ensure they are giving you the stopping power you need. Our team can inspect and replace brake fluid, lines, pads, discs and other components, all to ensure you can stop confidently.

Trust our team to also take a look at your suspension. Whether you are concerned that your ride is too bouncy, or you can feel a wobble through the steering wheel at speed, we'll take a look at all suspension components, advise on any issues, and provide the right fix, first time.

Brakes Inspection
Care Tire


Having the right tyres, as well as the current wheel setup, has a massive impact on your vehicle's drivability, affecting everything from fuel economy to braking distance and safety in rain or snow. 

We offer a complete wheel and tyre service to help you stick to the road. Come to our experts today for:

  • Digital wheel alignment and geometry adjustments

  • Wheel balancing

  • Tyre tread inspections

  • Tyre fitting

  • Winter tyres

  • TPMS replacement

  • Wheel hub inspections/repairs


We also provide a complete Class 4 MOT service



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